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Jobb Njiru | @
WASSUP! I want to congratulate you all for a very lively and excillerating performance last night in Nairobi. Your music and skills were not only exciting but electric. It was an honour having you guys around. All the best in all your tours.
Thursday 17. October 2002 - Nairobi / Kenya

Mandi | @
Saw you in Harare Mon 14th October - cool gig! Where the hell did you learn to play bass like that?! Beautiful!
Friday 14. October 2002 - Harare / Zimbabwe

Julian | @
my name is julian macharia i have just come from watching your show less than two hours ago with my friends here in kenya at the goethe institute iam still flabagasted by your band you guys are so good that i have decide to stick to engineering coz i have too long a way to go musically i saw you do things with a bass i have never seen
to add to that you are also the bands engineer please send me any tips and information on capturing that big drum sound and energy on the bas and guitars
p.s. do you record in one pass in iso booths please let me know
forever your fan
Friday 14. October 2002 - Nairobi / Kenya

Jack Janczewski | @
I just received the package guys sound AWESOME!!!...thanx for  the autographs & the pick...can't wait till your next album...
                                                                  Keep In Touch,
                                                                Jack Janczewski
Friday 14. February 2003 - Libertyville, IL USA

Thomas Abraham
Hallo Jazz Pistols
Herzlichen Gl?ckwunsch zu den Einladungen nach Afrika und auf den Balkan - das Goethe-Institut steigt dadurch in meiner pers?nlichen Image-Skala deutlich; so einen guten Geschmack h?tte ich denen n?mlich gar nicht zugetraut!
Eine erfolgreiche Tour wünscht Euch
Thomas Abraham
Friday 14. February 2003

Duncan | @
I've received the new CD and I must say it is absolutely fabulous. A worthy follow up for the previous ones. As for bass playing, I was especially charmed by "Borderline", which was  great "vehicle" for a stomach rumbling fretless bass. A bass sound that you feel through your entire body. Great!
Do you enjoy playing the fretless? I really dig the sound of your Fodera fretless! I am quite impressed about the Fodera sound as it is. Anyway, I enjoy every single track on the new CD. It is of an international level. By the way, I noticed that your CD is substantially availiable in US as well. I guess you guys are doing great!
Friday 14. February 2003 - Netherlands

Steven | @
Hi Christoph. Thank you for e-mailing me about your new CD. I can't wait to here it. You and your band are world class players and truly you have mastered your instruments. Your devotion to your craft is obvious. My friends and I hope to hear from you soon. Yours Truly Steven.
Friday 14. February 2003 - Los Angeles / USA

Bernd Wurzenrainer
Ich bin ein Kollege von Thomas Jobmann in der Customer-Support-Abteilung
hier bei ROLAND.
Thomas hat heute morgen Eure neue CD "SPECIAL TREATMENTS" im Büro
aufgelegt und ich muß sagen, ich bin total begeistert !!!!!
Also ich finde Eure neuste Scheibe einfach total geil und auch absolut
Ich wäre sehr an einem Exemplar interessiert.
Also, viele Grüße und auch besten Dank von Thomas Jobmann.
Thomas ist auch von der neuen Scheibe total begeistert.
Er lässt auch viele Grüße ausrichen.
Also bis dann und die besten Grüße.
Bernd Wurzenrainer
ROLAND Customer-Support
Friday 14. February 2003 - Hamburg / Germany

Jonathan | @
Klasse! Ich freue mich schon drauf, eure neue Platte in meiner Anlage zu
haben. Würde euch auch gern nochmal live sehen, bin aber leider nicht in
Deutschland wenn ihr auf tour seid.
Mach weiter so!
Alles Gute

Friday 14. February 2003 - London / UK

Mark Hale | @
I have both of your current CDs. I cannot wait until the new CD is released in September. If you ever tour USA (Mid-Atlantic states) I will definitely be there! Keep up the good tunes!!! Auf wiedersehen.
Friday 14. February 2003 - USA

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