Released by Cherrytown Records

Bassist Christoph Victor Kaiser and his cohorts in "Energy Jazz" trio, Germany's Jazz Pistols, offers their best release to date with Superstring, the band's 5th release!

This is an incredibly well-produced and equally well-played set of original and cover material that touts 'the Pistols'' ability to burn through heavy unison lines and torturous rhythm changes while still tugging at the novice listener's pop-sensitive ear! Very few "power trio / rock-jazz" bands, if any, can do what these guys do! "Musos" will love the great playing, while I found my wife and children listened contently through the whole CD! Usually, they give me the "aw man… not another 'chops disc!" look!

If you're not familiar, check out Christoph's plucking-hand contrapuntal tapping figures against his bass lines during Stefan Ivan Schäfer's guitar solos! Meanwhile, the interplay between Christoph and drummer Thomas Lui Ludwig gets deeper with every release! This is really cool music! Two of the nine tunes on the CD are covers by no less than Jaco Pastorius' "Three Views Of A Secret" and Victor Wooten's "Sex In A Pan". But, it is the title track and the incredible "Chick San" that captured my ear from the start! Nicely done, guys!

Must Hear Tunes: "Superstring", "Chick San", and "Old Fart"

Review by Brent-Anthony Johnson, Staff Contributor

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