Stefan Ivan Schäfer - Guitar

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1972 - 1977 classical education on the piano
1977 - 1984 autodidactic education on the piano
since 1984 guitar
since 1985 electric guitar
1994 - 1995 Future Music School / Aschaffenburg.

Otherwise only autodidactic guitar, music and composition studium.

Teacher - / Lecturer:

Since 1993 Guitarteacher at div. state and privat Musicschools.
Lecturer Musik/Technik Summercamp - Schwarzwald /Schluchsee
Lecturer Kulturfabrik Wolfsburg
Guest-Lecturer Berufsmusikschule / Dinkelsbühl
Guest-Lecturer Kenyatta University Kenia / Nairobi
Guest-Lecturer University of Technology - Südafrika / Pretoria
Guest-Lecturer Dresdener Drum Festival
Guest-Lecturer Popularmusikschule Ostwestfalen e.V. / Bielefeld
Guest-Lecturer Popakademie Mannheim
Div. bandworkshops

CD Veröffentlichungen und Mitwirkung:

- Sampler - Next Generation Projekt Vol.1
- Jazz Pistols - Three on the floor"
- Jazz Pistols - Three on the moon"
- Jazz Pistols - "Special Treatment"
- Guitar Sampler - Adventures in Guitarland
- Birgitta Wanke "Together"
- Sampler - Blue Moves
- Pax Wallace - "Dream Logic"
- Befunk - "Befunk"
- Dominik "Feel the sun"
- Dominik "Together"
- Jazz Pistols - "Live"

Cooperation and concerts:

Fat Cat (Support Act for Steps Ahead), Midnight Movers, Edo Zankie, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Wilson Ochsenknecht, Stefan Sulke, Anke Engelke, Gil, Sissi Perlinger, Sascha, Nektarius, Gracia, Befunk, Linos, Blasser Bertram, Joe Whitney Streetlive, Merck Philharmonic Big Band u.v.m.


Diezel Amplifikation / Cuntz Guitars / AER Amplification / Roland VG 88

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Stefan Ivan Schäfer - guitar

„Cited by a guitarist to whom the virtuoso play of his big model Metheney is probably a little bit too sweet and appealing and therefore reaches deeply in the arsenal of the hard rock and heavy-metal-weapons.“
(Frankfurter Rundschau)

„The guitarist offers an extremely emotional play and draws of the strings of his instrument fascinating inspired melodies which he serves sometimes “drily”, sometimes running them through a row of effect devices to exhaust all possibilities, that jazz guitarists - apparently out of “purism” - mostly terribly neglect.“ • (Mannheimer Morgen)

„Stefan Ivan Schäfer is able to pull of the inventory of virtuoso hard rock-techniques very well - he uses them, admittedly, as style means beside many. He activates varying sounds to give the suitable colour to his rock floating, soon shimmering runs.“ • (Rheinpfalz)

„He is the melody leader, the sound goes in the middle of the belly and generates an interesting contrast to the hard beat of the drums in his warm colouring.“ • (Mannheimer Morgen)